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Old news from September 2012 about Phoenix Rising available by clicking the “Read More” link. Here is what we’ve learned since September:

  • One “financial element” is the central next step in the shows development.
  • The show is already at the network and going through the programming ”thing”, a major international distributor already on board so the show will be international, a writing staff already exists, script for pilot finished, and the show “bible” is complete.
  • They are aiming to produce a 13-episode first season, and the first 13-episodes for season one have already been laid out (but not written).
  • As has been hinted at before, the pseudo-scientific concept of a “singularity” is the jumping off point for the series (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technological_singularity).
  • Development process has moved very quick, they’ve gotten this far in the process in under a year (and the focus on Phoenix Rising has forced delays for other projects including the “Toy Masters” documentary: http://www.toymastersmovie.com/).
  • Mechanized power suits are now fairly mainstream (those involved in the project mention the Borg, Halo, and Iron Man as examples), so one of the tasks being attempted with the new show is to re-invent the concept of a power suit to be in some way original and distinct from what’s already out there. 
  • In October they began work on building miniatures of the power suits from the concept art.
  • Stephan Martiniere is heading up the conceptual art for the show (http://www.martiniere.com/).
  • The series seems to be in good hands with Robert Lay Jr. running the show. He has good taste in Star Trek films (loves 2 and 6, hates 11). Knowing how the people behind Phoenix Rising feel about other rebooted franchises might help us know what to expect with this new reimagined series. Robert Lay Jr. also seems to have a real respect for Captain Power and take seriously the task of not just throwing away everything from the original series; hearing Robert speak about the old and the new series is very encouraging.
  • The two main writers for Phoenix Rising did not want Pilot to remain dead in the original series, which probably indicates that Pilot won’t meet her end quite so quickly in the reimagined show.
  • Also, though this goes almost without saying, the show will not be toy driven or involve much of a toy tie-in. With Phoenix Rising they seem to be trying to get as far away from the toy element of the original show as possible. All signs point to a more serious, adult re-imagining of Captain Power.
  • The show’s writers are “treating the Original Series as if it were a classic sf novel to be adapted for audiences today.” And several of the people involved with the new series have repeatedly expressed how important it is to them that they remain reverential to the original series in developing Phoenix Rising.

Again, older news from September 2012 about Phoenix Rising is available by clicking the “Read More” link or looking back at previous CPL! posts.

What we learned about Phoenix Rising back in September 2012:

  • New title: Phoenix Rising
  • Same characters (Power, Scout, Pilot, Mentor, etc.)
  • The name “Lyman” is noticeably used, perhaps indicating that his title as “Lord Dread” won’t be returning in this new, more serious incarnation of the show. Although, perhaps it is, since the “Dread Youth” are mentioned by name by the folks involved with the project.
  • The romance between Power and Pilot will also return and Pilot’s back story with the Dread youth will also remain the same.
  • Power Base will be returning as well as Eden II and then a new location called “the Vault” is actually shown!
  • Pilot episode script deals with the Metal Wars and the origin of the show’s overall plot and premise.
  • 1 hour, live-action drama. (presumably live-action)
  • Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens are writing the pilot episode to sell the series.
  • “concept art for the new PowerSuits soon”
  • Reboot twitter account: @phoenixrisingtv
  • Tim Dunigan (the original Captain Power) will play Mentor in the new show.

Back in September CPL! also posted about these informative paragraphs from the writer pair scripting Phoenix Rising’s pilot episode (Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens) posted on their Facebook page when it was announced that they were involved with the project. Here is a key excerpt:

We [first] wrote a bible for a sequel series, one to be set a few decades after the apparent defeat of Lord Dread – when the grown children of the Soldiers of Future had to follow in their parents’ footsteps and fight a newly-emerged Bio-Dread threat. (Spoiler alert: In this sequel, Pilot didn’t die in the final ep of Season One. Why? Because Blastarr had digitized her seconds before the Power Base exploded. Save!)

And this brings us back to present day, […] This time, however (i.e. about a year ago), we set aside the idea of a sequel. Now we started talking about actually remaking the series – not an episode-by-episode reboot, and not a total reimagining. We were talking about treating the Original Series as if it were a classic sf novel to be adapted for audiences today.

And that’s just the approach we took in writing the new bible and pilot script. Phoenix Rising is Gary Goddard’s original series freed of the need to support a line of toys. It’s a one-hour drama about the men and women on both sides of an apocalyptic conflict between human and machine that, 25 years ago, was the stuff of wild science-fiction fantasy. But today, in an era of drone aircraft, AI disruption of the financial markets, self-driving cars, armed combat robots, and the transhuman movement, the conflict at the heart of the prophetic original series is disturbingly, perhaps inevitably, close at hand.

To read their entire post, click the “Read More” link or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Judith-Garfield-Reeves-Stevens/103244299718443?ref=hl.

Now you are up to speed on everything we learned about the Phoenix Rising project in 2012. We are seven days into 2013, and nothing new to report yet…
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